About Me


Hi, I'm Jo.


I’ve been an animal lover all my life which has completely taken hold over the last 16 years. I have three dogs who are my best friends (when they don’t roll in fox poop!) My dogs are always learning new things and train and compete in agility, qualifying for Crufts in 2017. It was an amazing experience Dexter did an almighty job and came 5th overall. Dreams really do come true. 


I've now hung up the lead on the rat race and now share my knowledge with those who want the dream and those who just enjoy spending time with their dogs, getting fit.  Dogs are my passion and I want to see as many happy dogs out there as possible. I've completed a Diploma in dog behaviour, I’m a member of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor (KCAI) scheme working towards accreditation and I am an Agility Club Approved "FIRST CLASS" Instructor and a Crufts Qualified handler. I also Judge, so maybe at a show near you.  With better understanding we can have amazing relationships with our most loyal friends.


Although dogs do take my number one spot I have a great relationship with all our furry friends and throughout my life I’ve owned stick insects to horses and loved and cared for every one of them. Recently been clicker training some chickens!! 


During any spare time, I’m found out and about exploring with the dogs, visiting dog shows or doing more training to continue to better myself and my understanding. At other times I’m teaching them a new trick to keep them nice and active.  Dogs are my life and they make me so happy that I cannot imagine a world without them.

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