Agility can be done competitively or for fun and I will support you in both. It is a fantastic way to improve not only your dogs fitness but also your own.  As you build up to negotiating courses with your trusty companion, you will notice an improved bond with your best friend. It will bring challenges for you both, working your memory, co-ordination and ... It is open to all and we always allow enough time for all ages and abilities.


 It is also a great way to socialise and have fun and everyone is very supportive of each other in a group. As well as the weekly evening classes that run for 1 hour. Paws-Agility can also offer 121 sessions to improve confidence. This exercise offers your dog so much enrichment as they have to concentrate and work along side you in a way they may never have experienced before. 


If you wish to compete I will support you with my knowledge of the show circuits and grade systems. You might want to use the 121 sessions to home in on one particular area to improve that maybe frustrating you in classes. This way we can break it down and discuss in more depth the technicalities learnt. 

Note: There is no tolerance for harsh handling, so you are taught force free methods of correction. 

All classes are held in an indoor arena in Horsham, West Sussex. Running all year round with two, two week holidays at Christmas and in August. The waiting list can be joined by following the link


121's are held in a paddock, also local to Horsham, West Sussex, and can be booked adhoc or in advance and can be used to support any shows you wish to participate in.  

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