Become a club member

Please note that the below information is for those that have been confirmed as having a training space with Paws-agility.

Welcome to the world of Paws-agility where the team and I strive to bring you and your dog the best fun and training around.

Whether you want to compete or just have something fun to do each week this is the place to be. 

To become a member you just need to create your account on this website so you can log in and manage your fees.

Your monthly fee is worked out on a pro-rata basis allowing for four weeks holiday a year and covers whether you have four or five sessions a month (depending on how the days of the week fall during a month) which makes it easier rather than having to change a standing order every month.

TASK ONE - Create your account from the login bar - this is so you can manage your subscriptions

TASK TWO - Wait for the management team to accept your account - this should be done within 24 hours, if not please email

TASK THREE - Once your account has been activated you can purchase your annual membership and set up your monthly payment. Please ensure that your monthly class fee is set up either for the last day of the month or the first day of the month as I have to pay for the venue hire upfront.

This process does sound a little long winded but it isn't and I've found over the years that it is by far the easiest way to manage the club.

If you have any trouble at all just let me know and I'll be happy to help.

Try the link below first


If not try the stages in the images below

Subscription .png
Subscription 2.png
Subscription 3.png
Subscription 4.png