Does your dog have a behavioural issue you'd like to address?

Some of the issues you maybe experiencing, for example:

- Excessive Barking

- Lead pulling

- Separation Anxiety 

- Chewing

- Aggression

- Guarding food or other items

- Recall

How can I help?

One of my behavioural session consists of an hours long tailor made session for you and your family along with a written follow up training plan and report. I will also include a follow up over the phone conversation to evaluate progress and review training.

One session is normally enough to eradicate any unwanted behaviours and restore peace for you all.  

How do you book a session?

Please contact us via email link on our contact us page to arrange a session with us! Refer to prices to see all of what Paws-itivity can offer you.

Do you have a new puppy?

Email me about my puppy packages. 

I have various packages available depending on your requirements.

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