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February 29, 2016

Well another month has passed and what a busy one it has been I have got to meet some beautiful new dogs for walks, training and even driving them around in my taxi.  I cannot believe how much I’ve got up to this month not only with all your beautiful dogs but with my own.  I’ve enjoyed some lovely walks, but I must say this has been one of the muddiest winters I’ve seen for some time.  I seem to spend just as much time attempting to clean your dogs as I am walking them.....especially those puddle lovers who shall remain nameless!


I’ve completed my first aid course and have also finally completed the at home study to further my work with the aim to become accredited.  I even had to use these new skills when my pup decided to sprain a toe a few weeks ago, and with the knowledge that I learnt I am sure it helped him to recover more quickly.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hours of teaching both pet dog training and agility, which is only growing in popularity.  I’ve taken out a number o...

February 22, 2016

This beautiful little Cockapoo puppy has fallen on his feet with his new family.  Such a loving Mum and Dad that are sure to do everything right for him.  On welcoming their beautiful little bundle home they contacted me to ensure that he gets started on the right paw.  With an hour’s 1-2-1 session I explained the benefits of positive reinforcement with the use of clicker training and reward placement.  There is so much to go through with new dog owners that I always have handouts ready as there is so much to take in to ensure you’re going to end up with your perfect pup.  I have no doubt that Oscar is going to make a fantastic family dog as although he is only 9 weeks old he was able to demonstrate a sit and down within the hour and there are lots more exercises that can be practiced over the weeks and months to ensure that he grows to be a very happy little dog.



February 20, 2016

Well done to everyone that completed the latest session of puppy school.  You all did so well over the course.  Remember the first night you attended?  It all seemed so much to take in, but look at you all now.  There are still plenty of areas I know you want to work on, but if you give all these areas as much care and attention as you have over the past few weeks then you will have no trouble at all in succeeding in where you want to be.


Well Done to...





You know where I am if you have any more questions.  Puppy school starts every first Thursday of the month and runs for 4 weeks.  To secure your place please contact me via email


February 19, 2016

Well another week of February bites the dust, and it’s has been a really busy one here at Paws-itivity.  I’ve been all over the place helping you and your wonderful dogs continue their routines and enjoying being out and about.  I’ve met some new friends along the way who I’m looking forward to working with over the coming weeks and months.


Not only was I busy with all of your pups but I got the opportunity to take my two to hydrotherapy this week. The session was to start getting them used to the pool so that eventually they can go to keep up their general fitness to keep them happy and healthy through their agility careers.  


I visited Sue at Summerhill Canine Hydrotherapy in High Salvington.  My dogs had a wonderful time, they made so much noise it was unbelievable.  By the end of the session each of them (previously terrified of water) had launched themselves into the pool to get a tennis ball so I’m really pleased because I never want them to panic should they fall into any w...

February 13, 2016

The first couple of weeks of February have been very busy at Paws-itivity.  There have been plenty of very happy dogs running around and enjoying life.  Here are some of the very happy faces I’ve managed to catch on camera.


Not only have I been busy walking your pooches but I also attended a Canine First Aid Course, we had some very willing Labradors who let us practice bandaging them.  It was a very informative day and I’m glad that I took the time out to do it as I cannot recommend it enough for either those that work with dogs or even as pet owners that just want to know a little more they can do in their dog’s time of need.


I got to meet some beautiful new dogs for a variety of reasons, mostly training and I must say that you are all doing an amazing job with your pooches.  I’m there to help you every step of the way and if you start to have a wobble you know where I am so that we can get you right back on track in no time.


I have also moved a step closer to being able to star...

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