Firstly your dog will need to be over 14 months old to start agility training.

If you wish to start with foundation exercises with a dog under 14 months old then please contact the team at Paws-agility to discuss -

Agility is a fun exercise with your dog and no harsh handling will be tolerated, abuse towards dogs, trainers or other attendees.

Only positive and force-free training methods are used.

You ideally need to have trained before you start (although not vital):




If your dog is not well socialised or nervous then it may be best to work on their needs first before joining a group agility class.  Feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have about your dog's needs.

Training is carried out both indoors and outdoors, it is your responsibility to ensure that you wear suitable clothing and footwear for the activity and that your dog's needs are met.

Every effort is made to ensure that the equipment and venue that is used is safe.  However, you and your dog undertake agility at your own risk and no responsibility is taken by either the venue or trainers for any loss, damage or accident.

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