Please read all of the information below as it is very important.

(Little) Oak Farm,
Goose Green Lane,
Goose Green,
West Sussex,
RH20 2LW (does not take you to the exact location so please check out details below)

If coming from Ashington (east) Follow the road for a few miles, past the equine hospital then past Crays Lane on your left. As you go up and down a little hill the farm will come up on your right after a run-down looking bungalow on your right and then a white wall on your left.

If coming from Billingshurst (west) when you go past Peacocks Lane on your right it is the farm on the left after the property called "The Warren"

On arrival at the main gates enter code 1312 and then press enter (bottom left) and the gates will open, it is the same to exit the venue. There is very little signal there so any problems wait there and I'll come and find you.

On entry please drive STRICTLY at 5mph!

Just past the field with the piggies in on the right-hand side is a small car park. Please park here and you will see the Paws-Paddock straight ahead through the trees from there.



If I am still with a student please wait in or near your car in case the dog I'm working with is not as friendly as yours.

You MUST bring with you AMAZING REWARDS for your dog, boring biscuits and kibble will not do!  Remember, toys can also be rewards, so if your dog is into fun and not food then bring their favourite toy - please no squeaky ones - it can upset some dogs.

If you have a long line and a harness this will be helpful to aid in training, I will have a spare long line but for safety reasons, this will only be attached to harnesses.

Bring poo bags and please pick up any poop which must be taken home with you as there are no disposal facilities on site.

Remember, dress for the good old British weather and bring what is essential to keep you and your dog comfortable for an outdoor session, items from waterproofs to sunscreen.  There is water and bowls available in the field if you do not have your own to bring with you.

If you have any questions then please just get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

Map Images Below

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Screenshot 2021-07-11 185145.png