First Week of 2016

This week has been a nice gentle start into the New Year as training classes do not start again until next week. With all the rain we have had recently there is a lot of water about. It’s so wet that thankfully the mud is washing right off the pups at the moment, as soon as it starts to dry out a little bit it will become all sticky so that will be extra fun.

This week I have been enjoying a number of walks around Horsham, my favourite one has been around Chesworth Farm. Although it is pretty boggy in some areas once you get up on the hill, I just love the view.

I’ve looked after some wonderful dogs for walks, home visits, pet taxi and 1-2-1 training.

However, the biggest break through this week is to do with my little rescue girl. For the first time since I’ve had her (nearly two years) she went to the vet and was able to be touched by the vet without a muzzle on. For those that have dogs that have a similar struggle with the vet you may be able to appreciate the sheer landmark this moment is for us. It has been many many months coming with lots of care and support to make these visits as positive as possible. Long may it continue, and time will tell when it is time for her next set of immunisations.

So on that lovely positive note here are some of the pictures from a lovely first week back at work.

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