February Comes to a Close

Well another month has passed and what a busy one it has been I have got to meet some beautiful new dogs for walks, training and even driving them around in my taxi. I cannot believe how much I’ve got up to this month not only with all your beautiful dogs but with my own. I’ve enjoyed some lovely walks, but I must say this has been one of the muddiest winters I’ve seen for some time. I seem to spend just as much time attempting to clean your dogs as I am walking them.....especially those puddle lovers who shall remain nameless!

I’ve completed my first aid course and have also finally completed the at home study to further my work with the aim to become accredited. I even had to use these new skills when my pup decided to sprain a toe a few weeks ago, and with the knowledge that I learnt I am sure it helped him to recover more quickly.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hours of teaching both pet dog training and agility, which is only growing in popularity. I’ve taken out a number of people on confidence walks to help them to understand certain situations they may be experiencing on walks and how to deal with them when they occur. I’ve got to visit lots of puppies who I cannot wait to see grow up and become the perfect family member.

What’s to come in March?

My visit to Crufts 2016

The 2016 agility season kicks off

This months graduates

Just a few photos from February but who will win Pup of the Month? Check Facebook to find out.

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