Crufts 2016

Well I took a well earned day off to head to Crufts on the Friday and try and take in as many sights as I could (a day is not enough!). My first port of call was straight to the main arena to catch the agility as I had a number of friends competing in classes and I just had to get to see them on the famous green carpet (which is causing so many discussions at the moment over its safety for agility competitions). I got to see some fantastic dogs and handlers running a variety of different courses and I was not disappointed. What an amazing atmosphere and some great commentary being given as well for those that do not know about agility. I watched three amazing classes and although my friends did not do as well as they’d hoped it is just an amazing achievement to even qualify for Crufts. its something dog handlers and trainers dream of whether its agility, flyball, obedience, heelwork to music and of course best in show.

After satisfying my need to see the agility the shopping started…..but oh which hall? There are 5 halls stacked to the brim of shops selling their wares and of course displays of all kinds happening as well as discover dogs so you could go and meet all different breeds of dogs. It was quite easy to get lost and filled to capacity with people, this is not a venue for anyone that does not like crowds. How people got around with their dogs I have no idea! The people transporting the dogs they could in crates on trolleys had the right idea, but that is not something you can do with the larger breeds of dog.

As soon as my arms were filled with shopping bags and stretching beyond compare it was time to head back to the main arena to watch more agility and again what a competition I got to see it was fantastic. I love following Crufts throughout its four days, and their live streaming of coverage on YouTube is just amazing. It has given me lots of ideas and tips for the year ahead for both training and competing, I now cannot wait to get started.

Did you all watch the Best in Show coverage? Who did you want to win? I have to say it was Devon the Westie for me all the way. All through the judging she just shone out like a little star and what a little beauty she is.

I was going to steer clear to keep this entry nice and light but I have decided to just bring up the matter about the German Shepherd, you must have all see the sight of this dog and its hind legs. Thank goodness that this has been bought to mass attention as it is such a sorry sight to see how these dogs are being bred. I cannot see this dog chasing down criminals etc anytime soon. Let’s hope that all this coverage starts to bring about a change in the ways dogs are bred.

Overall I love Crufts, the Kennel Club bring about so many amazing schemes most of which are unheard of, myself as a training member working towards my KCAI accreditation and the Stay Safe Scheme are just one of many that the Kennel Club bring about and manage. I would thoroughly recommend everyone at least visit the Kennel Club website to learn as much as they can and even to visit Crufts as much as you can as it truly is a wonderful sight to see. Despite the odd things that cause controversy and concern it’s never the good things that the media pay attention to!

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