Another Saturday, another Paws Puppy Playgroup

A simple bit of delivery packaging and you have a ready-made snuffle mat for puppies that can be composted at the end of the day #perfect.

My unique Paws Puppy Playgroups are fun-filled and adored by pups all over Sussex.

Puppy Playgroup is not about running around with lots of other puppies, many things are introduced to the puppies in gentle and positive ways. Exposing our puppies to things they will experience during their lifetime and novel things should they appear during their lifetime is vital, but it must be done in a suitable way. Exposing too much, too quickly and it could be just as bad as if your puppy had none.

I've created a little graphic to show that there is more to "socialisation" than running around meeting dogs and people, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

I like to use the term EXPOSURE, not socialisation, as being social is not the only thing involved in puppy socialisation so it is easy for puppy parents to misinterpret what socialisation means. So remember, every new experience, surface, smell, sound, taste is exposure/socialisation. Do it all at your puppy's pace, and you will be fine.

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